Nina B. Johnson




Nina Johnson is a registered Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master who is currently based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, USA. Self-empowerment is the essence of her work, and she believes in the individual’s innate ability to heal the self through Reiki and other mind, body, spirit practices. She teaches Reiki classes in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana- and as an avid traveler, aims to teach and share the gift of Reiki all over the world. 

In her experience, the Reiki path has been the gateway to transforming her pain into her power, and this practice has proved over and over again that personal healing truly has no limits and no timeline. 

Nina chooses to see the gifts and offerings in every person she works with and calls forth their soul to shine from a place of assertive truth. With compassionate action and detachment from limiting beliefs, Nina believes we may all step into our highest potential to serve ourselves and the planet in ways beyond our wildest dreams.

Beyond her private practice, Nina is dedicated to sharing Reiki by organizing Community Reiki Shares, facilitating Holy Fire Reiki workshops, and establishing an active online presence via social media and her youtube channel.

Nina brings the Holy Fire Reiki experience to conscious events & music festivals along with Nicole Fagan of Third Heaven Holistic Healing. Together, they curate the Holy Fire Healing Portal- a healing oasis and Live Healing Artistry installation that displays what Reiki looks like to onlookers and festival goers. With the music and energy of the dance floor as their muse, they create an experience with Holy Fire that is unique in its own right.  


empower thyself

Empower Thyself is a personal & collective vision in which we all feel safe and empowered to be who we are, to shine in our truth, and accomplish our Divine Life Purpose on Earth through compassionate action and the celebration of life. 

It is safe for me to be powerful. It is safe for you to be powerful. 

Self-empowerment isn't a one-size-fits-all concept or lifestyle. It's personal, it's subjective and it's diverse. Empower Thyself embraces individuals from all walks of life who are ready to take back their power, take responsibility, and act compassionately to improve their lives and make a positive impact in this world.

True power and leadership isn't about aggression or taking advantage of others. It's about owning and sharing your truth in a conscious manner known as assertiveness. It's about respecting the free-will choice of others, maintaining healthy boundaries and working on yourself- embracing your gifts and your passions...all while taking no shit. 

A waterfall doesn't apologize for it's raging, gushing waters. A herd of wild horses doesn't hold back from the fullness of their form, speed, or prowess. 

It is time for us to remember who we are and make our presence known in the loudest and quietest of ways- to establish our Divine Presence on Earth and create the world we all truly deserve from a place of Love, which has no limits. She's been waiting for us to awaken.   

Know Thyself. Heal Thyself. Empower Thyself. 

Rinse & Repeat. 


training & experience

Nina began her Reiki journey in 2014 and has completed all levels of her Reiki training with registered Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher, Amanda Atkinson, of Love of the Earth in Wyoming. For a year, she apprenticed with her teacher co-teaching classes and providing sessions out of Amanda's Reiki Healing Studio in Cheyenne, before moving to Colorado and teaching classes on her own. Nina frequently revisits her training with Amanda to do personal healing work & deepen her understanding of Reiki. 

Nina is a registered & insured Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher and teaches her classes according to the standards and code of ethics of the International Center of Reiki Training. She has taught Reiki classes & workshops in Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. 

In addition to Reiki, Nina is a Certified Angel Card Reader through Hay House Publications and shares weekly oracle card readings on her youtube channel- an informative hub on all things Reiki, Angels and spiritual/personal development. 

Nina loves brining Reiki to music festivals and conscious events. She has curated Healing Sanctuaries for Purple Couch Events and has been a Workshop Presenter at Sonic Bloom Music Festival, in addition to providing her card reading services in the Oracle Portal. 

Nina is an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church Monastery and is available to officiate weddings, unions and ceremonies of all kinds. She is an active member and supporter of the Human Rights Campaign and provides her services to individuals/couples of all identities and pairings.

Nina practices The Feather Way, by Garrett Duncan of Navajo Illuminations and fuses the use of feathers and fans into the energy work she provides. She maintains a close connection to the Bird Nation, Earth and Elemental Energies. 

In the future, Nina aspires to become a Vibrational Sound Healing Practitioner, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Yoga Teacher, trained in a variety of styles. 


more about nina:

Nina lives an active and healthy lifestyle and is passionate about her relationship with herself, her fiancé Aaron, her family and her friends. She is an avid lover of music and movement arts and frequently attends Ecstatic Dance and yoga. As a foodie, she loves to cook, share meals, and go out to dinner- especially for sushi. Nina loves to travel and be in nature- trees and hot springs are her favorite. Even though she's a Rocky Mountain woman, she doesn't like the cold and hopes to spend winters somewhere a little more beachy. 

Nina is a Wyoming State Champion Powerlifter and holds records for squat, deadlift and bench in her weight class. While living in Wyoming, she trained with Art Box, World Champion Powerlifter & Retired Air Force Pilot and has competed in two USPA powerlifting meets in Wyoming and Colorado. A coach like Art is impossible to replace, but with the knowledge he provided Nina continues to spend time in the gym and work towards her personal fitness goals. She aspires to become a certified personal trainer with a focus on empowering women to lift weights and become physically strong. 

Nina is an aspiring aerialist who trained with MASC Studio & Training Agency in Missoula, Montana. She has performed on aerial silks in a handful of productions and private events in Montana and Wyoming. In the summer of 2016, she trained at Onair Aerial Dance in Barcelona, Spain. She hopes to find the perfect studio and teacher in Colorado to continue her training on aerial silks. 

Presently, she explores & performs sacred dance with Abby Moon's Crescent Dance Project based in Denver, Colorado. The group has performed live on stage with world-class musicians Treavor & Amani of Desert Dwellers and Stephen Kaminanda- and has offered their ritual dance prayer at the opening ceremony of Arise Music Festival in Colorado. Crescent Dance Project continues to evolve, grow and expand as a tribe of women exploring all forms of dance, femininity and ritual prayer. 

Photography is one of Nina's greatest passions and she enjoys capturing beauty, moods and truth in still focus. Together, she and Aaron run a branding & design company, ApartAgainst. 


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