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Private Session

30•60•90 minutes  

Take charge of your self-care and book a time for your complete and total relaxation. Release the stress of your daily life while I channel deeply relaxing, healing energy into all levels of your being. 

Sessions begin with a brief check-in of how you are feeling, Reiki Treatment & Chakra Balancing, and end with a brief processing of your experience. Whether you are wanting to do deep healing work or simply relax & de-stress, Reiki provides exactly what you need in that moment, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

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Distance Healing Session

60 minutes total 

Don't live in Colorado? Can't make it to a session in person? No problem. Experience the healing power of Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki energy no matter the distance between us. I have many friends, family, and clients in other states and this is a great way for my connections to receive Reiki healing from someone they know and trust. 

Reiki is a modality which transcends space and time and can be delivered to anyone, anywhere with technique and intention alone. We schedule a mutual time based on our time zones, have a brief check-in over the phone, and you relax while I send healing energy. We end the session with a brief processing of your experience.  



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Nina’s work not only guides and sanctifies the the mind and body, but inspires the Spirit. Nina has a purposeful yet gentle presence; her dedication and passion for her work is eminent. I would recommend Nina to anyone looking for growth and clarity.
— Britta Remes, MT


Nina was the first person to ever do Reiki on me. I went into the situation filled with doubt and wasn’t even sure if Reiki was real. Before the session she assured me that all I needed to do was relax & the rest would happen on its own. During the session, certain areas of my body tingled and felt electric and her hands weren’t even on my body!
After the session I felt rejuvenated and my heart felt like it could actually breathe again.
Reiki is extremely real and continues to help me in my life today.
— sabrina charlson, Reiki practitioner, mt