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*SOLD OUT* Holy Fire Hot Springs Master Training

  • Steamboat Springs, Colorado USA (map)
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Usui/Holy Fire® III ART/Master Training

*Pre-requisites are Reiki Levels I&II

Your Teachers:

This retreat-style Reiki Master training will be facilitated by Nina Arithma & Nicole Fagan, who are both registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Masters. They recently studied Karuna Reiki® in Maui with William Lee Rand, founder & Senior Licensed Teacher of the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT).

Nina Arithma, RMT & Nicole Fagan, RMT/LMT

Nina Arithma, RMT & Nicole Fagan, RMT/LMT

What You’ll Receive:

During this three day immersive, you will receive the necessary tools, wisdom, and Ignitions to become an Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master. Every student will provided with a Master manual issued by the ICRT that will be yours to keep forever. Each student will receive a certificate upon completion.

You will receive two new symbols to work with & integrate in this course- the Usui Master symbol and the Holy Fire® symbol.

We will dive into deeply-healing Holy Fire® meditations. You will experience four Ignitions that will ignite the energies into your being.

After this training, you will be certified to teach all levels of Reiki up to & including the Master Level.

In addition, you will be given the ability to facilitate a variety of Holy Fire® healing experiences & meditative journeys that can be shared with clients in private sessions and with the general public in a group workshop environment.

Our Retreat:

We will be staying in a beautiful log home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the duration of this training, with arrival the night before training begins and departure the day after it ends.

Staying in the same space & detaching from our day-to-day lives will allow for a deeper dive into ourselves/each other, into the energies and the overall experience.

This is a plant-based retreat. A private chef will be preparing our meals for the duration of the training. Vegan and vegetarian options will be available, based on preferences.

During our weekend together, we will be taking a group trip to Strawberry Park Hot Springs for a soak & relaxation time. *Although, there is a hot tub at our retreat home as an added bonus.

Our beautiful Retreat home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Our beautiful Retreat home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

About Holy Fire:

Holy Fire® is a new style of Reiki being introduced by the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT). Holy Fire is a very powerful yet gentle energy that goes to work to purify, heal, and empower on all levels.

Holy Fire energy continually upgrades based on individual & planetary needs for ascension. This is a style of Reiki that is ever-evolving along with your own individual evolution & healing practice. Holy Fire® has upgraded twice since its appearance in 2014 and sits at Holy Fire® III, currently. It will continue to upgrade as time goes on and in that process, more information and healing potential will be revealed.

This is Holy Fire in a very small nutshell. It is an absolutely mind-blowing, heart-expanding energy that is highly refined and very conscious. It is alive & very powerful. It works with you and through you- by choosing this path, you and Holy Fire® become unified in purpose. You become a bridge from the Divine to the Earth in a very pronounced & beautiful way.

Holy Fire® Mastership is a serious choice that will alter your life path and change your life in many mystical & positive ways. It is important to meditate on if Holy Fire is the right path for you.

Holy Fire® also changes the way traditional Reiki classes are taught. However, if you teach other styles of Reiki, you will still be able to do so after taking this training.

You Will Learn:

*How to conduct Holy Fire® Ignitions & Placements (attunements)

*About the “Heavens” or different levels of consciousness- what resides in them & what kind of healing awaits within them

*How to use crystals & stones in Reiki- using single crystals & crystal grids to send Reiki, this is used for distance healing, personal healing, goals and manifestation.

*How to perform psychic surgery- how to release spirit attachments & entities from people & spaces

*How to conduct & facilitate several Holy Fire® Meditations such as: The Holy Fire Healing Experience, The Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience, The Holy Love Series, The Ocean of Holy Love and the Healing in the River of Life Experiences.

*How to provide Ignitions for yourself, how to meditate with Holy Fire® so that it can guide & heal your life

*How to plan & teach your own Reiki classes, meditative workshops, etc.


A deposit of $444 is required to reserve your space in this course & applies to the total cost of training. A deposit for training is always non-refundable. Deposits are due by August 31st, space permitting.

If not paid in full, your remaining balance must be paid by October 11th, unless other arrangements have been made, per our discretion.

Two Options Available:

Option 1. Join us for the Ultimate Retreat experience. This includes class materials, lodging, meals, and hot springs entry.

Self-Investment: $1,350

Option 2. Find your own lodging and join us at the Cabin for Training Only. Class materials, lunch, and hot springs entry included.

Self-Investment: $1,025


  • Pre-requisites are Reiki I&II. You must be able to draw these symbols from memory & have spent sufficient time working with & studying these energies & their uses. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole or I.

  • You must attend all scheduled class dates & times to receive certification for your training. It is necessary that you take responsibility for your time, actions, and choices. By arriving on time and attending all scheduled dates you display respect for yourself, your teacher, and your fellow students. If you choose to leave training early or choose not attend, that is your free-will choice but you will NOT be refunded.

  • Before receiving a certificate, it is required that you complete a small and comprehensible test on all symbols received- you will need to know how to spell their names, how to properly draw them, and explain their uses/meaning. This includes the Level II symbols.

*Holy Fire® & Karuna Reiki® are registered trademarks of William Lee Rand.

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