the degrees of reiki

Levels & Pricing


Usui/ Holy Fire II Reiki Level One

one day minimum

Just level I $200 • levels I&II together $475

Know thyself. Heal thyself. Empower Thyself. This is the entry level into Reiki training and your path to a personal practice, the relationship you develop with Reiki energy. No previous experience with Reiki is necessary to take this course, just a calling and a desire to learn. This level of training is all about self-healing, awareness and creating healthy boundaries.

When Takata Sensei began teaching many years ago she would say to her students, "You are number one! In Reiki, you first, then other people." So many of us possess an innate desire to help and heal others but first we must learn to help and heal ourselves. You will learn how to harness the unlimited power of Reiki to heal your life. 

Embarking upon my Reiki journey completely changed my world- I learned how I could help others without doing so at my own expense. I discovered that I was worthy of the love, patience and compassion I so freely gave to others and it was completely empowering. I learned how I could use the unlimited power of Reiki to provide healing instead of using my own personal energy, will or ego. 

You will discover how Reiki wishes to work with you and flow through a variety of means and techniques. We will discuss the different "clairs" or means of psychic/energetic communication you can receive from Spirit to guide you on your path, your healing work and in your life. You will develop a greater understanding of energy- how to discern what is yours and what isn't and will utilize techniques to move, clear and protect your energy field, personal space, and property. 

In this course, you will learn the history of Reiki and receive the Reiki I Placement which allows the Reiki I energies to flow. You will practice Reiki self-treatment and how to begin doing Reiki with others. This class is typically taught in a small group setting and features Holy Fire meditative experiences that provide deep healing. 

While this level of training can be taught on its own, it is sometimes taught in the same weekend as Reiki Level II Training. 


Usui/ Holy Fire II Reiki Level Two

two day minimum

Just level II $275 • levels I&II together $475

Prerequisite is Reiki Level I. In this course you will receive the Reiki II placement, which allows the Reiki II energies to flow. This level of training empowers you with the tools and techniques to enhance and begin a professional healing practice- it empowers you to share Reiki energy with loved ones & clients in a whole new way. In this course, we will deepen the understanding of Reiki & its applied use in addition to business practices, ethics and healing issues with money. 

You will receive the knowledge and empowered use of the three Usui symbols- the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol and the distance healing symbol. Becoming a channel for these healing energies to flow will advance your healing abilities, especially when working with others. You will learn how to use Reiki to empower your goals and heal bad habits, including any and all forms of addiction- it's not a magic trick and requires your action & participation but with Reiki as your guide, it will be easier than ever before! You will learn how Reiki energy transcends space & time and can be sent into the past or future for healing, and how it can be utilized to send healing at a distance.   

We will spend ample class time practicing Reiki using all three symbols- exploring their vibration & feeling and how to activate them for their use. Japanese Reiki Techniques and western techniques will be taught and practiced. We will explore all the ways Reiki and the Usui symbols can be channeled and utilized- with touch, beaming, the voice & breath and the use of spiritual tools like crystals, feathers and fans. We will go over the proper way to set space and deliver a Reiki healing session to others. We will discuss how to develop trust with your clients, maintain healthy boundaries, and meet their needs so that they keep coming back for the services you provide. 

This class is typically facilitated in a small group setting and features Holy Fire meditative experiences which are deeply healing. 

You will receive a Reiki manual issued by the International Center of Reiki Training for use during class and it will be yours to keep after training is completed. You will be certified to practice Reiki and will leave training with the confidence and skills to start your own practice. 

While this level of training can be taught on its own, it is sometimes taught in the same weekend as Reiki Level I Training. 


Usui/ Holy Fire II ART/Reiki Master Training

3 day minimum $875

Prerequisites are Reiki Levels I&II- must be able to draw all symbols from memory and have practiced Reiki for a minimum of six months before taking this course. This level of training combines Reiki Level III (ART) or Advanced Reiki Training with the Master Level of training. 

It has been said that "A Reiki Master isn't one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has allowed herself to be mastered by Reiki." This level of training is about doing deep healing work and requires your openness and vulnerability. Be prepared to shine a light on the shadow within and do the work to heal and step into a higher state of being. You may have an idea of what these issues are or you may be completely surprised as to what shows up to be faced, cleared, loved and healed within you. In this process, you will be held in a safe and loving container to do this deep work and will be supported fully, amongst others in the group. This class features many Holy Fire meditative experiences which provide deep healing, insight or messages. 

In Advanced Reiki Training, you will learn how to use crystals to create a powerful grid that continually sends Reiki to a situation, personal goal or another individual in need of healing. You will learn advanced Reiki & energy clearing techniques including how to heal spirit/entity attachments and perform psychic surgery. In ART, you will receive the placement for a new symbol and learn how to use Reiki movement meditation to enhance your divine life purpose on earth. You will also receive the pre-ignition which clears away less-than-light energies along with all that is no longer serving your highest good on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This sometimes includes the "letting go of guides" you work with whose ability to help you on your spiritual path has expired. This is deep clearing work- it can be uncomfortable and produce feelings of "void" but you will be supported in your process and Holy Fire Reiki consciousness will become a primary guide on your path for some time before other guides present themselves. You will learn more about this process in training. In summary, the pre-ignition prepares your body & energy field to receive the Holy Fire Reiki energy and after you receive the Ignition, you will be filled back up with the healing power of Holy Fire Reiki Consciousness. 

In the Master level of training, you will receive the Holy Fire symbol, its empowered use and the ability to channel the Holy Fire Reiki energy through receiving the Holy Fire Ignitions. This energy is a relatively new, highly refined Reiki energy that is conscious and ever-evolving, meaning that its power upgrades and magnifies to meet the healing that you and the planet requires at this time. Holy Fire also makes passing on Reiki energy to students a much simpler process compared to traditional attunement methods. Holy Fire will be an ever-evolving gift to your life, your healing process and all those you share it with. 

We will discuss the principles and benefits of becoming a Reiki Master. You will learn how to conduct Placements and Ignitions and will be provided with all the information necessary to facilitate and teach your own Reiki classes up to the Master Level, if you choose to do so. It is not required that you teach Reiki to become a Reiki Master. 

In addition to being able to teach and facilitate Reiki classes & training, Holy Fire Mastership  provides the opportunity to facilitate meditative experiences for yourself, your loved ones or in the form of community events or workshops. It isn't necessary for these individuals you share these experiences with to be attuned to Reiki. Beyond private sessions, facilitating these experiences provides a great way to share Holy Fire Reiki energy with others. These meditative journeys and experiences provide healing for all and this is a beautiful gift you can provide to others by being a channel for Holy Fire Reiki energy. 

You will receive a training manual issued by the International Center of Reiki Training for use during class and it will be yours to keep after training is completed. As a bonus, you will receive all of my personal tools, prayers and invocations I use in my practice to benefit your own practice. I provide each student with a flash drive containing all documents needed to teach your own classes successfully. 

After completing this training, you will be certified to practice and initiate others up to the Master level of Reiki. How amazing is that?! 

ART/Master is sometimes taught retreat style, at a gorgeous private location and in this instance, self-investment price may be increased. 


Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Training 

3 day minimum for each level

single level $875 • levels I&II together $1,750

Prerequisites are Reiki Levels I&II, ART/Master- must be able to draw all symbols from memory and have been a practicing Reiki Master for at least six months to a year before taking this level of training. This is a serious requirement not to be taken lightly, as this is a highly advanced level of Reiki training. 

The word Karuna means "compassionate action" and opens you up to work directly with the third heaven or third level of consciousness, to do the "Great Work" and eliminate suffering from the world- this means clearing the trauma and suffering you have experienced in this lifetime and past lifetimes. However, the beautiful gift of Karuna Reiki® is that its energies provide the opportunity to heal from any and all forms of trauma gracefully, without the recipient needing to re-experience the trauma. This is something that other methods of healing from PTSD or traumatic experiences does not provide.  

Karuna Reiki® is a system of Reiki that was developed by William Lee Rand and other Reiki Masters at the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT) over the span of a greater part of a decade. The Karuna Reiki® system is comprised of two levels which can be taught together or separately, featuring a total of eight symbols. 

The first level of the Karuna® healing system features four powerful symbols, which are activated through the Ignition process. This level of training goes very deep into the individual to provide healing on the cellular level. It is extremely beneficial for healing all forms of trauma stemming from combat, child abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, karmic issues, past life issues and any and all traumatic experiences. The benefit of Karuna Reiki® in the treatment of PTSD is that healing can occur without the experiencer needing to re-experience the trauma in order to heal. This means the experiences can be viewed from an observation standpoint, similar to watching a movie from above, without emotional attachment but perhaps with a message or lesson coming through...or the individual remembers nothing at all and goes to a place of "void" where deep healing takes place and is left feeling at peace or changed in some way. 

The second level of the Karuna® healing system features four additional powerful symbols, which are activated through the Ignition process. This level of training goes beyond the cellular healing from trauma and unites the individual more distinctly with their higher self to clear blockages, bad habits and non-resonant energies. In short, the Karuna Level II energies compliment the Karuna Level I energies.

Receiving the Karuna Reiki® Level II symbols allows the individual to heal the relationship with themselves and others, eliminates co-dependence and instead, instills a deeper respect for free-will choice. Many experience the healing of fear, panic and insomnia, with an increase of clairvoyance and connection to higher self and Spirit. After this training, it becomes easier to feel grounded in this earth plane, to set healthy priorities and to manifest your goals. Through healing your own suffering, you are able to more clearly see how the suffering of the world can be healed. It becomes easier to see the gifts and the beauty in this world, even through the suffering. You become empowered to act compassionately in your life towards yourself, others and all living beings. 

You will receive a training manual issued by the International Center of Reiki Training for use during class and it will be yours to keep after training is completed. After completing Karuna Reiki® Master Training you will become a registered Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master through the ICRT, be issued a certificate from the ICRT, and will be certified to teach all levels of Reiki, including Karuna Reiki® Levels I&II. 

Karuna Levels I&II are sometimes taught retreat style, at a gorgeous private location and in this instance, the self-investment price may be increased. 



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