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Reiki Certification


Are you ready? 

Maybe you've done a lot of research or you just feel a calling to learn and be in service to others. No matter your experience, Reiki is a practice that allows you to help others to heal without using your own energy or putting yourself at risk. Reiki never does harm- it instills healthy boundaries in an individual and promotes healthy relationship with the self and others. In fact, Reiki can be channeled for self-treatment and treating others. The benefits one receives from experiencing or learning how to do Reiki are endless because its energy comes from an unlimited source. 

Anyone can learn Reiki. The ability to learn is not dependent on intellectual or spiritual understanding. It isn't defined by your gender, sexual identity, age, religious beliefs, or anything else and it doesn't take years to learn. Like martial arts, there are many levels or degrees of Reiki and Empower Thyself offers training for all levels- from Reiki Level One all the way up to the Karuna Reiki® Master Level. 

The relationship you develop with Reiki can be very personal and is something you can choose to share openly with others- or not. It's up to you and Reiki always respects free-will. People from all walks of life and professions have taken Reiki training from me- parents, yogis, chefs, school teachers, doctors, therapists, massage therapists, C.E.O.'s, and even retired oil industry workers. The list goes on and on. If you are in a profession that specializes in helping others, Reiki is an excellent tool to add to your existing tool belt. 

Choosing to walk the Reiki Path can be life-changing and extremely empowering. It was for me- and many others I know. The Reiki Path not only provides the skill, wisdom, and technique to heal your life and help others- it also provides the principles, tools, and practices to bring more peace into your daily life.

Choosing a Teacher

Choosing a Reiki Teacher is one of the most crucial aspects of embarking upon your Reiki journey. It's important to do your research, ask questions, and consult your intuition when choosing a teacher and signing up for a class. There are many teachers all over the world and everyone teaches Reiki a little differently. Some teachers are very traditional and others are more open-minded. There are also many styles and lineages of Reiki- do your research and/or follow your intuition to see what feels right to you. 

Unfortunately, not all teachers work in integrity and may operate from a fear-based mindset. We see this happening in many fields, beyond Reiki, and it’s a sad reality to accept. I have heard of some teachers making students sign contracts stating they will not open practices or facilitate classes in their teacher's "territory." It's important to know what you will receive in a training and what support, if any, will be offered after training is complete. I have had prospective students reach out to me wishing to re-take training because they didn't "vibe" with their previous teacher or didn't receive proper training. This can be avoided by simply following your intuition, asking questions, and doing your research when choosing a teacher and signing up for a certification course.

My Teaching Style

First and foremost, I am a registered and insured Reiki Teacher. I teach all of my Reiki classes according to the standards of the International Center of Reiki Training (ICRT) and abide by their Code of Ethics. So, you can rest assured that all of the necessary tools, energies, and information will be passed on to you through quality facilitation when you take an Empower Thyself Reiki training. I order ICRT Reiki Manuals for each of my students which are yours to keep after training for your own reference and continued study. I provide handouts and my own personal knowledge that are yours to keep for reference and use. 

I teach group classes of various sizes- some small and some large. I am also available for one-on-one, private group trainings or couples training beyond my scheduled class dates- please reach out to me with inquiries.

As a teacher, there is nothing more beautiful than passing Reiki energy on to my students and watching them work with the energy for the first time. In my classes, I encourage everyone to explore their unique connection with Reiki and how it wishes to flow through them. We actively explore ways beyond physical touch to channel Reiki, using our breath, voice, and various spiritual tools like fans, feathers, and crystals. We honor tradition through exploring Japanese & Western Reiki techniques and we honor the intuition by stepping out of the way and allowing the Reiki energy to guide the process in whatever way it sees fit. We learn how to use Reiki to heal unhealthy behaviors, past traumas, and learn how to harness Reiki energy to instill healthy relationships and empower goals. We talk about business consciousness- how we can heal issues with money & competition, and learn how to create a thriving Reiki practice. 

Reiki classes are their own living entity in the sense that each group is different- and is comprised of unique individuals, with unique needs. Over time, I have discovered new methods or creative ways of teaching Reiki and often receive guidance on how to teach or facilitate a specific experience for each group, sometimes on the spot. This makes teaching very exciting and it's an aspect of my practice that continues to evolve and improve over time. 

I'm a human too and I even though I am a Teacher, I don't view myself as superior to my students. A true leader creates more leaders and that is what I aim to do with Empower Thyself. Over time, I have understood the strength in vulnerability and recognize that I can hold space and be relatable. I have learned so much from my students and fellow Reiki Practitioners & Masters. With each class I teach, I learn and discover new ways to enhance or improve my training & offerings for future classes.

Reiki Certification

I offer Reiki Training & Certification on a one-on-one basis and/or a group setting. Some people feel more inclined to learn 1:1 and others feel more inclined to the group atmosphere & experience. It’s completely up to you. I’m happy to have a call with you to discover what option might be best for you, if you feel guided. There is no additional cost to learning one-on-one with me.

I often book clean, quiet studio spaces for my Reiki classes where we learn, share food, and practice together before departing to our own homes or spaces each night after class. For retreat style trainings, I book our stay at a cabin or retreat center away from it we can really detach from the outside world and dive in as a group. For retreat style trainings, an additional cost for food & lodging is included in the self-investment price.

If you’d like to become certified, please view my current trainings & retreat style classes. If you feel inclined to study & learn one-on-one please contact me directly to set up scheduling outside of my listed group training dates.

Training- It's an Experience

If you know me, you'll hear me say "Reiki Weekend is the best!" As someone who revisits Reiki training often, I know what I'm looking forward to. Envision this: dropping out of your normal routine to dive in to the present moment- to experience your own healing and transformation. We put away the phones and open our hearts. We bring our yoga mats, pillows, and cozy blankets. We drink a lot of tea and eat healthy, high-vibrating foods. We dive into the manual- to learn about Reiki's history, practices, and techniques. We dive into meditative journeys guided by the Holy Fire Reiki energy and experience the Placements or Ignitions- which give us the ability to channel Reiki. We journal, share, & process our experiences as a group and dive into partner exercises. We bust out the tables and practice Reiki- with ample time to give and receive- and to explore technique and intuition.

Reiki Weekend is the best. It provides the safe container to BE with yourself- to encounter your shadow & challenges, to face those aspects with Love and turn your pain into your power. This happens for the group as a whole- someone's process catalyzes your own healing and vice-versa. There is something truly magical about Reiki Weekend...and just like a Reiki one class is ever the same as the other. The energy present creates the experience.  

We're in This Together

On the first day of Reiki class, you may feel nervous...unsure of yourself or others in the room and by the end of Reiki Weekend, you have witnessed the vulnerability of yourself and others and you leave feeling connected. I have met some of my closest friends, who I consider to be family, through Reiki. It is very comforting to know that there is a group of individuals within and beyond Empower Thyself who are ready to support you- there are people all over the world who practice Reiki. After training, you will be added to the Empower Thyself Reiki Family Facebook support group where you can ask questions, request healing, or share your experience with others. There are opportunities to revisit training, attend workshops hosted by myself or others, and to attend or create a Reiki share group. 

I am dedicated to being there for you as a guide on your path, just as my Reiki teacher has been for me. Together, we are creating a Global Reiki Fractal that will always keep growing. I support you in creating and establishing your own Reiki practice. I support you in creating and establishing your own Reiki classes. I support your sovereign choice to study with other Reiki Teachers. If you need my help in any of these areas, I will do my best to show up in integrity. 

At Empower Thyself, we understand that competition comes from a fear-based mindset and lack-mentality. Supporting one another on the Reiki path, in all ways, empowers everyone involved and allows Reiki to be more accessible to everyone. We understand that all Reiki lineages should be valued and respected. 

Revisiting Training

If you have previously paid for (in full) and have taken a level of training with Empower Thyself, you are eligible to revisit that level of training for FREE on a first-come first-served basis, per my discretion. There are endless benefits to revisiting training- you will always learn something new no matter how many times you've previously taken a class. I can personally attest to this. Not only will you encounter information or technique previously missed, you will benefit from the unique group experience. No two Reiki classes are ever the same and there is so much to learn from others in the group- through their experience, their triumphs or struggles...and from yourself- what you are needing to heal at the time. Revisiting training allows for deep healing to take place and for the Reiki energy to be instilled more deeply into your being. Please visit the Training Terms & Policies portion of my website to learn more about the requirements & expectations for revisiting training. 

This is a really amazing opportunity and gift that I provide for my students because I have personally experienced the benefit of revisiting training over and over again with my Reiki Teacher. Not all Reiki Teachers provide this offer to their students so this is an amazing advantage you have in choosing me as your Teacher!

Where can I learn more about levels & pricing?

Simply click the button below to visit my Levels & Pricing page where you can discover more about the different levels of Reiki Training I offer, featuring in-depth descriptions, class lengths, and self-investment pricing.