reiki certification

Terms & Policies


The deposit is included in the total cost of training and is required, in advance, to secure your space in class. A deposit for training is always non-refundable. If you are unable to make it to training due to an emergency, your deposit may be honored for a future scheduled training date within the year. As a business owner, this is up to my discretion.  

payment policy:

Remaining balances for training are to be settled before or at the time of the scheduled class date. Monthly payment plans may be available, on a case to case basis, per my discretion, and a contract will be signed to keep all parties in integrity to their agreement to complete payment- the monetary energy exchange for energies, experience, & tools received. 

requirements for certification:

You must attend all scheduled class dates & times to receive certification for your training. It is necessary that you take responsibility for your time, actions, and choices. By arriving on time and attending all scheduled dates you display respect for yourself, your teacher, and your fellow students. If you choose to leave training early or choose not attend, that is your free-will choice but you will NOT be refunded.

Before receiving a certificate, it is required that you complete a small and comprehensible test on all symbols received- you will need to know how to spell their names, how to properly draw them, and explain their uses/meaning.

revisiting training:

If you have previously paid for (in full) and have taken a level of training with me, you are eligible to audit or re-visit that level of training for FREE on a first-come first-served basis, per my discretion. You must contact me to indicate your interest and we will have a discussion.

If you plan to audit a class, you will need to make arrangements with me and inquire about the space available. I ask that you bring a food dish to share with the group during lunch as your energetic contribution to revisiting the experience.

It is required that you attend ALL scheduled days & class times to audit a training.