One-On-One Healing

$70/60 min • $100 / 90 MIN

Experience the healing power of Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Energy in a private, relaxing setting. Reiki healing energy is transmitted via touch, beaming (no touch required) and through the voice/breath. Sessions begin with a brief check-in of how you are feeling, treatment of your symptoms or issues, and end with a brief processing of your experience. No two Reiki sessions are ever the same and each session provides exactly what you need in that moment on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

*All client information is held in confidential integrity and we can track your progress along the way session by session to document growth in your healing process. 


Distance Healing

$70/ 60 min

Don't live in Denver? Can't make it to a session in person? No problem. Experience the healing power of Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki energy no matter the distance between us. I have many friends, family and clients in other states and this is a great way for my connections to receive Reiki healing from someone they know and trust. 

Reiki is a modality which transcends space and time and can be delivered to anyone, anywhere with technique and intention alone. We schedule a mutual time based on our time zones, have a brief check-in over the phone, and you relax while I send healing energy. We end the session with a brief processing of your experience.  


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